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Hearing Aids and Audiology

We are passionate about providing personalised patient-driven assessment and care through honest and empathetic decision-making. We work closely with our ENT surgeons in a friendly and relaxed professional multi-disciplinary team practice.

Our main interests are in Diagnostic Audiology, Adult and Geriatric Hearing Aid Evaluations and Fittings as well as Newborn Hearing Screening. Enhancing communication, protecting hearing and ultimately improving patient quality of life are our main goals.

Services offered include:

Hearing Tests

  • Diagnostic adult hearing tests in a calibrated soundproof booth
  • Diagnostic paediatric hearing tests in a calibrated soundproof booth
  • Extensive counseling regarding hearing loss, its effects and possible treatment options
  • Support for both you and your family regarding your communication needs
  • Annual screeners for workplace and medical assessments
  • Objective Infant and Newborn Hearing screening using Otoacoustic Emissions

Hearing Aids

  • Dispensing of most international hearing instruments
  • Adjustment of most hearing instruments
  • Servicing and repairs of hearing aids


  • Provision of custom-made swimplugs, sleep-plugs, and hearing protection
  • Provision of custom-made security and media earpieces
  • Assistive listening devices, such as telephone amplifiers and TV headsets
  • We carry a full range of hearing aid batteries and accessories
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